Newest Project: Miniature Garage Room Box


share_image_1I’m still at the beginning stages of this room box project. The scale is standard one inch = twelve inches. The right side will feature a workshop with a working miniature garage door opening up to a driveway with landscaping on the left. The left side will be enclosed with plexiglass.  The exterior of the garage will have board-and-batten applied and mostly likely will be painted barn red. Ultimately, the interior will be furnished with a scale model car, lots of tools, and will even have a few (faux) oil stains on the floor. If all goes well, this will be an anniversary gift for Mr. Project. He’s a gear-head, so he should love it!! I’ll keep you updated as I make progress.


House Project No. 1047 – Back Porch

Okay, just kidding about the number 1047, though I think it’s a close approximation!

Progress continues, albeit slowly, on the back porch. My hubby, Mr. Project (a.k.a Scott) has been finishing it all himself. He completed the board-and-batten panels and the baseboards this week. Next up: Painting. This is exciting – to me. This is only exciting to him because it involves a new tool.

Mr. Project’s standing policy is that for every project which he tackles himself and doesn’t have to pay someone else to do, he buys himself a new tool with the savings. He has amassed an impressive number of tools which fill his workshop. The newest one for this project? Yep, a paint sprayer.

He spent yesterday prepping the room. (I still cannot decide whether to call it a back porch, a sunroom or a three-season room!) This morning was spent thinning out the paint to the correct consistency (or rather, viscosity to be technical) to be used in the sprayer. Notice the coffee cup in the right bottom picture. This is an important item required for the task!

With the wall of paneling and the beamed ceiling, you can see why a paint sprayer was required!

So, what would you call it? Back porch? Sun room? Three-season room? 

I think I’ll stick with calling it the back porch.