Falling Behind & Catching Up

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So, it seems since fall has officially arrived, I have fallen so far behind — in everything! Looking back over my journal, I realized this happens to me during this time every year. I guess switching gears from laid-back summer mode messes with my equilibrium!

There are so many events happening during September and October. Add in the fact that I tend to over commit for all the groups and activities, and it makes for a crammed-to-the-hilt calendar. Now that my daughter is in preschool, it’s even worse! I’m definitely in a calendar overload crisis. As I’m sitting here looking at said calendar, I know that it won’t really get better until January, even if I make a concerted effort to curtail the activities and commitments. Doodle-Leigh’s & Mr. Project’s birthdays are both in November, plus my parents come to town for all the birthday celebrations, followed in close succession by Thanksgiving, and then the onslaught of December’s festivities. Eek, I may just have an anxiety attack just thinking of it all!!!! {Taking a few deep breaths and saying Ohm…}

So, I’m making every effort to get caught back up, which includes updating my blog. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Today’s project: Decide on blog name. DONE!

I’ve had a family blog for a while now and I use it to keep out-of-state family and friends in the loop and up-to-date. I have had a difficult determining how to integrate my many interests and pursuits into that one, so I admit, it has languished a bit in recent months. On top of my frustration, I was sick quite a bit during that time and just couldn’t quite get motivated.

I’ve been wanting a new blog. One that is more for me and more about me. That led to a new frustration … deciding on a name that would encompass all that I want to include in it. I’ve been doodling names for a couple of weeks now. Today, inspiration finally struck.

I chose “One Project After Another” because it perfectly describes my varied interests and my life!

Glad I can check that off my to-do list and move on to deciding how I want this blog to look. But first, I have to clean the kitchen!