My Family Tree – An Ongoing Project

Another project that I took on during my months-long recovery from ankle surgery was completing more of my family tree.
I use and their software program Family Tree Maker 2012. I really love the newest version because it automatically syncs the tree on my computer with my online tree. I like being able to connect to others’ family trees and making connections to those who are looking for the same ancestors. It underscores how we are all so interconnected.
Through some family information, but mostly through linking to other family trees online, I’ve been able to trace my mother’s paternal line of the family back to the late 1200s. I also found that many of those ancestors lived and died in the area of Lincolnshire, England, which we’ve guessed based on the fact that my mother’s family name is also the name of a town in that region. It’s thrilling to find some confirmation.

 It’s also thrilling to be able to use all these resources online without having to travel to remote places, especially since much of the time I was working on the family tree I could not even walk through my house without, first, a walker and then crutches!
My husband’s parents spent much time over the years traveling around their state and the country researching their genealogies. During my recuperation, I’ve slowly been inputting that information that my mother-in-law has been gathering about her and my father-in-law’s families. I’ve only scratched the surface of the information she has written down by hand on index cards. But, I’ve already received a couple of messages through my account from other people researching my father-in-law’s family — one with a note asking how I’m related. It’s nice to know there are others out there who don’t see old names and dates as meaningless or boring. I really do heart!
It seems there are more thrilling new connections to be made. I’m looking forward to it.

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