Mommy, please make a flamingo for me!

My daughter has a love of flamingos. She’s asked for flamingos as decoration on her birthday cakes for the past three years. Her room is decorated (tastefully) in flamingos. We always have to start our visit to the zoo at the flamingos!

She asked me to make her a flamingo one day while I was crocheting another project. I said, “Sure!” And then I went on a search for a pattern. First stop: (which is a free site for knitters and crocheters).

I searched for flamingos and was surprised how many Amigurumi patterns there were! There are some very clever people out, many of whom are willing to share their patterns. I chose “Floyd and Flora the Amigurumi Flamingos” by Pamela Nickerson (website is The pattern was well written, very clear and easy to follow. So, I ended up making the pair of flamingos. Doodle-Leigh loves them!


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