Sick Day

I stayed home from work today. I’ve had a cold and now am feeling achy & feverish. Both kitties have decided to keep me company – or they just like cuddling on my new I quilt I just finished making!



Newest Project: Miniature Garage Room Box


share_image_1I’m still at the beginning stages of this room box project. The scale is standard one inch = twelve inches. The right side will feature a workshop with a working miniature garage door opening up to a driveway with landscaping on the left. The left side will be enclosed with plexiglass.  The exterior of the garage will have board-and-batten applied and mostly likely will be painted barn red. Ultimately, the interior will be furnished with a scale model car, lots of tools, and will even have a few (faux) oil stains on the floor. If all goes well, this will be an anniversary gift for Mr. Project. He’s a gear-head, so he should love it!! I’ll keep you updated as I make progress.

Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards Day

I admit it. I LOVE Pinterest. I’ve always saved tear sheets from magazines for decorating, gardening and craft projects, dream travel destinations, recipes to try and even favorite hairstyles. I have binders full of them. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I was invited to join Pinterest by a blogger I follow last fall. But, it wasn’t until I was bed-ridden following ankle surgery this winter that I truly got hooked. I spent hours pinning away. Since getting back on my feet, I’ve even tried a few of the ideas and projects that I’ve found on other peoples’ boards. In fact, I started a new board called “Completed Pins” to keep track of them!

For some pins, I just want to see the photo as a quick reminder or inspiration. For other pins, I want to click through and read the blog post or web article so that I can learn more about it or even try it for myself. So, generally, I click on the pin to find the content and either repin from that one or I pin from the source itself with the “Pin It” Bookmarklet that I installed on my browser bookmark bar.

I’ve been frustrated many times when I’ve clicked through and haven’t been able to find the content. I usually won’t repin those and move along to other pins of interest. I came across a pin from about their plan to clean up their Pinterest boards. It’s a great idea and I thought I would pass it along!
They expressed the thoughts and frustrations I’ve experienced lately. I actually spent some time last week cleaning up some of my boards, editing some pins that mistakenly ended up in the wrong boards, set my board cover images. I made progress, but I have a ways to go! I’ll keep working on my pins. Hope everyone else does, too! Happy pinning, people! 😉

House Project No. 1047 – Back Porch

Okay, just kidding about the number 1047, though I think it’s a close approximation!

Progress continues, albeit slowly, on the back porch. My hubby, Mr. Project (a.k.a Scott) has been finishing it all himself. He completed the board-and-batten panels and the baseboards this week. Next up: Painting. This is exciting – to me. This is only exciting to him because it involves a new tool.

Mr. Project’s standing policy is that for every project which he tackles himself and doesn’t have to pay someone else to do, he buys himself a new tool with the savings. He has amassed an impressive number of tools which fill his workshop. The newest one for this project? Yep, a paint sprayer.

He spent yesterday prepping the room. (I still cannot decide whether to call it a back porch, a sunroom or a three-season room!) This morning was spent thinning out the paint to the correct consistency (or rather, viscosity to be technical) to be used in the sprayer. Notice the coffee cup in the right bottom picture. This is an important item required for the task!

With the wall of paneling and the beamed ceiling, you can see why a paint sprayer was required!

So, what would you call it? Back porch? Sun room? Three-season room? 

I think I’ll stick with calling it the back porch.

My Family Tree – An Ongoing Project

Another project that I took on during my months-long recovery from ankle surgery was completing more of my family tree.
I use and their software program Family Tree Maker 2012. I really love the newest version because it automatically syncs the tree on my computer with my online tree. I like being able to connect to others’ family trees and making connections to those who are looking for the same ancestors. It underscores how we are all so interconnected.
Through some family information, but mostly through linking to other family trees online, I’ve been able to trace my mother’s paternal line of the family back to the late 1200s. I also found that many of those ancestors lived and died in the area of Lincolnshire, England, which we’ve guessed based on the fact that my mother’s family name is also the name of a town in that region. It’s thrilling to find some confirmation.

 It’s also thrilling to be able to use all these resources online without having to travel to remote places, especially since much of the time I was working on the family tree I could not even walk through my house without, first, a walker and then crutches!
My husband’s parents spent much time over the years traveling around their state and the country researching their genealogies. During my recuperation, I’ve slowly been inputting that information that my mother-in-law has been gathering about her and my father-in-law’s families. I’ve only scratched the surface of the information she has written down by hand on index cards. But, I’ve already received a couple of messages through my account from other people researching my father-in-law’s family — one with a note asking how I’m related. It’s nice to know there are others out there who don’t see old names and dates as meaningless or boring. I really do heart!
It seems there are more thrilling new connections to be made. I’m looking forward to it.

Mommy, please make a flamingo for me!

My daughter has a love of flamingos. She’s asked for flamingos as decoration on her birthday cakes for the past three years. Her room is decorated (tastefully) in flamingos. We always have to start our visit to the zoo at the flamingos!

She asked me to make her a flamingo one day while I was crocheting another project. I said, “Sure!” And then I went on a search for a pattern. First stop: (which is a free site for knitters and crocheters).

I searched for flamingos and was surprised how many Amigurumi patterns there were! There are some very clever people out, many of whom are willing to share their patterns. I chose “Floyd and Flora the Amigurumi Flamingos” by Pamela Nickerson (website is The pattern was well written, very clear and easy to follow. So, I ended up making the pair of flamingos. Doodle-Leigh loves them!

My Lenten Message

During my months-long recovery from ankle surgery, I missed all the activities I usually participate in, including MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) where I am the co-coordinator and all of the worship committee meetings at my church. I received a call letting me know I had been nominated at one of the committee’s meeting to speak at the first Wednesday night Lenten service about my faith journey.  I guess that’s what I get for missing the meetings!
I don’t usually get bothered too much by public speaking. My degree is in Communications/Public Relations. I had numerous public speaking classes in school and have given plenty of speeches in the past. But, when it comes to speaking about myself, I do get really nervous. 
Knowing that, I wrote out my full speech and practiced it several times to be certain it would be within my allotted time in the service. I had planned to speak and just glance down and refer to the written pages to keep track of my place as I was speaking. However, because it was an emotional topic and I started getting teary-eyed as I spoke, I ended up reading the last two-thirds. I was still pleased with what I had said and everyone assured me afterwards that it all turned out well.
My church records and posts the podcasts of each service on its website. Just found mine on the site and thought I’d post it, too. Click here to listen to my speech.